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Painting Questions and Answers for our Tampa Area clients.

Q: What should be done if you discover cracks in your cinder block home?

A: Call us as soon as possible for a free evaluation. Our firm testifies for numerous law firms regarding sinkhole damage. The cracks in your home may just be from normal settling, but they could be from a nearby sinkhole.

Q: Why should I hire Restoring Florida Homes to be the painting contractor for my house?

A: We are a licensed and insured General Contracting firm. If you browse our website you will discover that we are skilled at many disciplines of the home improvement industry. If you or another painter in Tampa do not follow the proper procedure for painting your house, especially the exterior, your painting Tampa job is doomed to failure.

Q: Is there anything my wife and I should do before your company comes out to our home for a free quote?

A: Jot down any questions that your wife and you have? We have assembled a number of exterior and interior styles that have been placed in the sidebars, to help our clients with style and color. We also have an interior designer on staff if you would like to use her service.

Q: Why shouldn't I be painting my house myself?

A: Probably the biggest reason is that as a homeowner, you don't paint very often, our company does a painting Tampa job every day. This fact can effect how long it takes for the project to be completed (you probably work), the quality of the painter's job (proper procedure, having the correct equipment and skill level) and your safety (painting can be dangerous).

Q: Painting the interior of my home "can be dangerous"?

A: If you were to tackle any home painting yourself, we would suggest it be the interior. It is by far safer than painting the exterior of your house. Keep in mind that anytime you get on a ladder it can be dangerous.

Q: I painted my house two years ago and it's already starting to peal. What's up with that?

A: The first response is, what a waste. Whether you or a painting Tampa contractor you hired, did the work, it was a disaster. There are numerous possible reasons this happened (wrong paint, cheap paint, improper surface preparation, etc), but it shouldn't have happened. If you try it again make sure you do your homework.

Q: I keep hearing about proper preparation before painting but I'm not quite sure what that entails. How does your company do it?

A: Before we get into specifics, here is a simple way to think about it. Proper prep is preparing the surfaces correctly to be painted, protect the surfaces not to be painted and seal everything in between (cracks and gaps). Now to specifics.

Exterior prep for Painting Tampa: If your foundation is at or   below- grade, the first step we do is trench around your house to the foundation so we expose this area for cleaning and coating.  By trenching we are able to protect this area from water infiltration with our elastomeric coating and the finished product looks better. It looks terrible when the old painting job is exposed from erosion in your flower bed.

If you have decorative shutters or ornaments on the exterior of your house we will remove them.

Regardless of your surface the next step is pressure washing with at least 2400 psi. The objective is to clean and remove loose paint. If your house is constructed with cinder block and a surface coating (stucco, texture coating, spray-crete, etc.), we give this area an extreme pressure wash to remove any loose coating material (easy fix to repair & blend). If the loose coating is not removed, the Sherman-Williams paint or our elastomeric coating by Nationwide will not adhere properly. You may also have cracks in the cinder block that are concealed by the previous coating, our extreme washing will expose these areas. Never let anyone extreme wash your wood, this would certainly damage it.

Next we hand scrape to remove all loose paint that wasn't removed with the pressure washing.

Next we will repair all cracks. Repair any previous block coating (stucco, etc.) that was removed from washing and scrapping. Remove and replace any bad wood. caulk all areas with a gap for a clean finished look.

Now we mask and tape all areas not to be painted. We use paper for all windows and roof line. We use plastic bags for small fixtures such as lights and electrical outlets. making sure all areas not to be painted are covered.

All previously painted surfaces will have oxidized to some degree which causes a chalky residue. We use a product called Chalk Force by Nationwide, that creates an incredible bond for your final coating. After drying we are ready for painting Tampa.

Interior prep for Painting: We take pictures of every room to be painted, so we can replace items taken down from your walls.
Our painting crew will move all of your furnishings to the middle of the room and cover with plastic. Drop cloths are used for your flooring. We paint a room at a time or adjoining rooms at a good transition so your families disruption is at a minimum. The area being painted will be sealed off. After painting is done our painters Tampa will place your furniture and wall decorations exactly where they were.
Our painting Tampa crews are trained to repair drywall, plaster and all trim work in your house. The painting crew will repair and calk all areas the interior requires.

Q: How many coats of paint do you recommend for exterior painting in Tampa?

A: Two coats of paint or elastomeric at minimum. Our climate in Tampa is harsh, you need good protection for your exterior surfaces.

Q: What's the best tip you can give me about interior painting?

A: Don't start your painting Tampa project with a roller. Most people doing the job themselves love jumping in with the roller, let's face it rolling paint is fun. It is rewarding to see a lot of progress in a short period of time. It's the exact opposite of what you should be doing. You've got to do the slow go stuff first. With a brush you need to:
     * Paint the lines between the ceiling and the walls.
     * Around all of your outlets.
     * Paint the window Jams
     * Cut around trim and doors.
     * Baseboards and the corners of the room.
     * Then the fun part, start rolling.
Doing this will avoid lines between areas brushed and rolled. 

Q: We have an average size home. How long does it take to paint the exterior?

A: It depends on what type of surface your home has. The prep work for wood siding takes longer than cinder block homes. Having said that most homes in the Tampa area are constructed with cinder blocks. If your home is an average cinder block home, the painting Tampa job will take 3 to 5 days to complete.

​Q: How can you tell if the previous paint job was done with latex or oil based paint?

A: Swab some denatured alcohol or fingernail polish on the paint. If the paint softens it is latex. If the paint seems not to be affected it is oil based (alkyd).

Q: Why does my paint show hand prints, smudges and the area where I tried to scrub them off?

A: Sounds like you used flat paint in a high traffic area. You should use a paint with a sheen, at minimum a satin finish, in high traffic areas like kitchens, bathrooms and doors. Painting Tampa  with a sheen cleans nicely.

Q: What is the cause of lap marks in my paint job?

A: To avoid lap marks you must maintain a wet edge and make sure you make a W or M with your roller, this will spread the paint evenly.

Q: When I rub the outside walls of my house with my hand, there is a fine powder residue on on my hand. Is it alright to paint over this?

A: The paint has oxidized, painting over this would be a disaster. You must pressure wash the house, then apply a chalky surface sealer (we use Chalk Force by Nationwide Chemical).
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Painting and Remodeling Project
I have had RFH do work for me for years. Robert Hoskinson and his team completely remodeled my entire condo from the foyer to the roof top patio and did an amazing job. His workers cleaned up after themselves, were polite; I never once worried that while I was at work anything would be stolen. They even took great care not to let any of my indoor only cats get out! I have recommended RFH for tons of jobs and not one person has ever complained back to me that things didn't go well!!! I have also had them do work for my employer, a real estate company. They have mowed, trimmed trees, boarded up property, met with inspectors for violations on properties we had listed that had been in foreclosure and every single job went perfectly. Every violation for every property resolved! I would and will use them for every job I have and every job that crosses my desk!
Painting and Remodeling
Date published: 02/21/2013
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