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Q: Can I place pavers on existing concrete at my home?

A: Pavers Tampa can be placed on top of existing concrete when the surface is relatively flat, without large cracks, and when the elevation can be increased by 2 1/2 inches with no adverse effects. Edge restraints must be used; sand, mortar, or glue base can be used; surrounding elevation and material impact must all be considered. It is often better to demolish the existing surface and place the pavers conventionally. Contact us for more information.

Q: Can I use pavers on my driveway?

A: Absolutely! Proper gradingcompaction and gravel base must be considered. Contact us for further details and guidance.

Q: Can pavers be used for pool decking?

A: Yes! pavers Tampa can be used in almost any application and is the best choice for most. The colors and patterns of pavers available can be used to enhance your backyard and pool.

Q: How do I clean stains from my pavers?

A: There are a number of commercial cleaners available at your local Big Box Store to address most stain conditions on pavers.

Q: How do I keep the pavers edges from moving?

A: Edge restraints of concrete, wood, or products made specifically to restrain paver edges can be obtained from us.

Q: How do I keep the sand in my joints?

A: In conjunction with the pattern of your pavers, the sand used in joints serves to lock the stones in place. It will naturally wash out from the top-most pavers joint area. If joint depth exceeding a quarter inch is visible, sweep additional sand into the pavers Tampa sand joints.

Q: I need additional lighting for safety, how do I achieve this for my house?

A: There are a number of styles in which low voltage lighting is available so that you can put light directly in the surface of your pavers Tampa area. They look great, marking or lighting the immediate area and won't be damaged by the errant soccer ball since they are flush in the pavers! Low voltage means they're easy to install and maintain. Contact our office for details and assistance.

Q: Should I seal the surface of my pavers?

A: Sealing pavers is a personal choice. It can enhance the colors and light reflectivity of the pavers, but must be properly applied after cleaning and requires maintenance. It will also assist in sealing the joint sand in place, often preferred in pool decks . Many prefer the natural aging of a paved concrete surface.

Q: What about the rare occurrence when an individual  stone or two are damaged?

A: Replacing individual stones or groups of paver Tampa stones is accomplished with little impact to surrounding areas. Getting the first paver out can be tough, the interlock of pavers and sand is tight! Using a strong, flat blade tool like an old screwdriver or two, can be used to pry into the pavers sand joint, working the stone upward from side to side. There are times the stone is in so tight, it must be broken or cut out. It is always a good idea to set several paver stones aside for future replacement need so that the original colors match.

Q: What are the advantages of using paver stones?

A: Paver stones offer many advantages when compared to traditional surfaces. There are a wide variety of paver patterns and colors available to suit your needs. The paver products are cost effective and require little, if any, maintenance - life expectancy for pavers is 40+ years.

Q: What colors and style pavers are available?

A: There is a wide variety of paver styles in the most popular colors. Your project manager can assist you in the style and color selection that suits your project requirements. Custom manufactured paver colors are also available to the professional design community.

Q: What other considerations are there about pavers for my home?

A: The application and use of building products is typically governed by local or regional building codes. Please check with your local authority or building department to ensure safe compliance. When using pavers Tampa products, follow safety protocols. Read and understand the package labels, directions for use, and adhere to safety precautions. Please contact us if there are any questions or concerns.

Q: What tools are needed for installation of pavers?

A: To install a pavers project you will need a shovel and a rake to prepare your base of class 2 aggregate in 2 layers. You can rent a compactor from most rental stores. You will also need a rigid 3/4 electrical pipe 10' in length or 1 strips of wood to serve as screed guides. A paver cutter or a diamond blade saw are also good tools to have on hand.

Q: Will I need to include control joints in my pavers design?

A: No, pavers are used to create a solid surface in which the individual stones retain the ability to move independently without damaging the surface. This is ideal in areas where a differential settlement is likely to take place. Damage from soil movement is minimized when pavers are used .

Q: Will weeds grow in the joints of my pavers surface?

A: There will likely be a weed sprout from time to time, though they don't grow much and are easily pulled from the pavers Tampa when small.
Pavers Tampa Questions and Answers

This list of frequently asked questions was put together to help you in the discovery phase of your pavers project.

There are many decisions to be made during your design phase. Our focus is to make this process as painless as possible for all of our clients. We have assembled a wide variety of styles, materials and colors in the side bars, to help you with your vision.

If you live in Tampa or the surrounding communities of the Tampa Bay area we would love to be of service.

If you have additional questions please feel free to contact us for no obligation answers.
Paver Project
My pool was getting filthy from the kids playing on their swing set in the side yard. Restoring Florida Homes was recommended by a friend of mine and I'm glad he did. They did a wonderful job and my pool stays nice and clean.
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