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We love remodeling bathrooms!
Robert Hoskinson completed their first bathroom remodeling project in Tampa in 1984. Since that first bathroom remodel we have worked with all types of bathroom remodeling products. Our team can design your new bathroom remodel from start to finish. We help you pick the fixtures, vanities, tile, paint and all accessories. We will design a bathroom that will make you proud to show your friends. 

​This list of frequently asked questions was put together to help you in your discovery phase of your bathroom remodeling planning.

There are many decisions to be made during your design phase. Our focus is to make this process as painless as possible for all of our  bathroom remodeling clients in St. Augustine and Tampa. We have assembled a wide variety of styles located in the sidebars, to help you with your vision.

If you live in Tampa, Saint Augustine or the surrounding communities we would love to be of service.

If you have additional questions please feel fee to contact us for no obligation answers.

Q: Who is Restoring Florida Homes?

A: Restoring Florida Homes is a Division of RFH Construction Consultants, Inc. which is a fully licensed and insured General Contractor in Tampa and Saint Augustine, Florida. We have a loyal team of skilled men that work for us. 

Q: How long will it take to do a bathroom remodeling project?

A: It will depend on the extent of your bathroom remodel as to how long it will take. Most projects include removing the tub and or shower plus replacing the toilet, bathroom vanitiesshower doors and flooring . If the bathroom remodeling is more extensive the entire room may be rearranged and or enlarged involving concrete floor cutting, removing and rearranging walls and the ceiling. A simple bathroom remodeling in Tampa or Saint Augustine  might be finished in as little as two weeks. More complex projects could take two to eight weeks depending on the complexity of the bathroom remodel.

Q: Can my shower be retiled without redoing the bathroom floor?

A: We have successfully replaced tubs and showers without redoing the bathroom flooring.Tubs can be more of an issue if the edge of the bathtub has a unique shape. 

Q: Is it necessary to have a bathroom exhaust fan?

A: The building code does not require exhaust fans if the bathroom has a window, but the reality is that every bathroom should have an exhaust fan.
The biggest reason is to remove humidity from the bathroom during baths and showers. Humidity that builds up in your bathroom will damage everything it comes into contact with in the bathroom. Many homeowners will notice issues with the walls, ceiling, and fixtures only after it has reached the point of needing repair. By running the fan while you shower or bathe the humidity will be removed. You will notice the bathroom mirror will not fog over, nor will anything else in your bathroom suffer from the moisture.

Q: How wide do double sink bathroom vanities need to be in my bathroom remodeling project?

A: Double sink bathroom vanities need to be at least five feet wide to provide enough space for two people to use the area at one time.

Q: What is frameless glass?

A: Frameless Glass refers to the various shower enclosures, made with either 3/8" or 1/2" glass. This thicker glass is tempered and safe for bathroom remodeling use. It is strong enough to be used to make dividing walls and doors.
The glass comes in many variations to satisfy different bathroom remodeling designs.

Q: What type of tile can I use on my bathroom floor and shower in my home?

A: Bathrooms have been built and remodeled in any number of types of tile over the years.Traditionally showers were built with ceramic tile made specifically for bathroom and kitchen back-splashes. Today the choices are limitless. Our bathroom remodeling clients in Saint Augustine and Tampa projects are using numerous types of stone, ceramicporcelainmarblemetal and glass tile depending on the bathroom and design style.

Q: What does it take to rearrange my bathroom floor plan?

A: The original layout in some bathrooms are so bad that the only cure is to start over with a new floor plan. Before diving into demolishing the bathroom that has irritated you for so long, be sure to work out all the details of your new bathroom layout and design. A bathroom remodel layout needs to be a balanced mix of practicality and style. Arranging the features so that you are showing off a beautiful shower or vanity with it's unique faucets, counter tops and mirror will create both style and function for your home. If you are concerned about minimizing the budget, be sure to consider plumbing accessibility. Arranging your new bathroom floor plan to require minimum plumbing changes will have a positive effect on the cost of your bathroom remodel.

Q: Why does my bathroom shower have a bad odor?

A: The bad news is that if your bathroom shower has an odor in it there is a good chance you have a water leak causing what may be a mold problem. If it is leaking there is no way to fix it other than to tear out and replace the shower. You should have a professional inspect your shower to determine the extent of the problem and take care of it as soon as possible. If you have mold in your walls it can be a serious health risk for you and your family and should not be taken lightly. Mold spreads easily when it is disturbed so don’t attempt to deal with it yourself.

Q: Is it necessary to replace the shower valve for my new bathroom shower?

A: Technically it’s not necessary, but it is considered the wise thing to do considering the expence of creating the new bathroom shower and what it would take to replace the old shower head after the new shower is installed.
There may be occasions where the existing shower valves were built so that they could have their internal components replaced without starting over. This would be the exception to the rule.

Q: Any design advice for remodeling a small bathroom?
We own an older home and one of our 3 bathrooms is quite small. It has a stall shower (no bath). Everything fits in tightly, but well. That said, we would like to update this bathroom and make the most of the space. Any design advice for making the most out of a such a bathroom remodeling project? We love having this bathroom shower and bathroom for guests, when they come and definitely don't want to convert it to a powder room . Thanks for the advice.

A: Keep it simple, if this is your 3rd bathroom and it is used mainly for quests, try eliminating anything that is bulky. Since the majority of the people using this bathroom will be bringing their shower items with them, you don't need much room for storage. If you have vanities, try switching to a pedestal style sink instead. Give the same great function without the big box taking up room. Also, try using glass shower doors instead of shower curtains.

Q: What type of return on investment can I expect from a bathroom remodeling if I sell my home?

A: Bathroom remodeling will typically get the best return on investment in a remodeled home. Realtor® Magazine reported that for the year 2010, the national average return on investment for bathroom remodeling was between 93.2 percent and 102.2 percent depending upon if the budget is upscale or moderate. In metropolitan areas like Tampa, the return ranged from 116 percent to 136.3 percent. So, many people actually make substantial money when investing in a bathroom remodeling project for their Tampa and Saint Augustine homes.

Q: How much Does a bathroom remodel cost?

A:  Bathroom remodel cost depends on many factors: size of the bathroom remodeling, quality of bathroom remodel materials, etc. The national average for a master bathroom remodel is in the $15,000 to $30,000 range. If you are working within a set budget, it is best to share this information with your bathroom remodeling  contractor. It will be much easier for them to make recommendations regarding materials and options. If you are planning for a major  bathroom remodel involving plumbing or electrical renovations, or there are unknown conditions that will only be apparent after the bathroom demolition, it would be wise to allow for an additional 10 percent for changes or add-ons.

Q: What are my bathroom shower material options?

A: There are a few options for shower surrounds. If you choose tile, you have a variety of sizes, shapes, materials, and accents from which to choose. Ceramic tile and porcelain tile will be less expensive than marble tile or travertine, which is more expensive to install and also needs to be sealed and requires more maintenance. Many bathroom showers are dressed up by installing a decorative listello or glass mosaic accent. If having a tile shower floor installed, a mosaic of 2x2 or less is most common.
If you prefer a shower without grout, cultured marble or acrylic panels are available in a variety of sizes that can accommodate most layouts. Bathroom Shower pans are usually sized to industry standard, but often custom sizes can be fabricated as well.

Q: What are the differences in bath tub materials?

A: The most popular choices for tub materials are gelcoatacrylic, enameled steel, and cast iron—and they all have their pros and cons. One of the least expensive options, gelcoat is a resin material applied to a mold, then backed with fiberglass. It is also less durable than other materials and must not be cleaned with anything abrasive. Acrylic tubs are made from thicker plastic, and are shiny, durable, and much lighter than metal tubs. Due to acrylic's flexibility and heat retention abilities, many manufacturers use it to mold whirlpool and air baths. As with gelcoat, acrylic tubs should not be cleaned with anything abrasive. Enameled steel is the least expensive of tub materials and consists of a stamped piece of steel finished with porcelain. Enameled steel tubs are easy to maintain and are resistant to most chemicals and abrasive cleaners. Cast iron tub is one of the most expensive tub materials and is made from melted iron poured into a mold. These tubs are extremely heavy and are more labor-intensive to install. However, they are also extremely resistant to chemicals, denting, and scratching.

Q: What are the benefits of ADA-height toilets?

A: ADA-height toilets have now become the standard in many bathroom remodels. The bowl sits about 2 inches higher off the floor, making it easier to sit and stand back up. Most ADA toilets also have elongated bowls, which provide a little more room at the seat. Many of our bathroom remodeling Tampa and Saint Augustine are  often done to accommodate the Aging-in-Place market, where homeowners wish to remain in their own homes should they develop health issues. Addressing the potential need to have more accessibility should health issues develop is much easier when planned for in advance.

Q: How important is lighting and ventilation in my bathroom remodeling project?

A: Lighting a bathroom properly requires more light than you may think. Ideally, you should have a moisture-proof light above the shower and/or tub, overhead lighting for the room (which provides your down light) and wall sconces at the mirror to provide even lighting for your face without casting shadows. Unfortunately, this is not always possible to achieve due to layout and space restrictions.
More often than not, a vanity light is placed over the mirror above the sink, and can usually be installed with the shades facing up or down. Ventilation fans are available with both night light and room light in addition to the fan. These are ideal for bathrooms that can be well-lit with one center light, and the fan motor should be sized based on the square footage of the bathroom remodel. A timer switch can be installed for the fan to ensure all of the moisture is removed from the room and the fan does not get left on by mistake.

Q : What are the current trends in bathroom remodeling?

A: Without a doubt, over the past few years manufacturers have raised the bar on design and function. Some of the most popular trends include frameless shower doors, steam showers, radiant heat in tile floors, walk-in barrier-free showers, vessel sinks, faucets that extend from the wall instead of the counter tops and bathroom vanities that look like antique furniture. With all of these options, you should spend time doing your homework and research the many options.

 Robert Hoskinson has been remodeling Bathrooms in the Tampa Bay area for over 25 years. Call or Contact us Today!

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